Mission Statement

Videophotog Mission Statement

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ― Dr. Seuss

There is no better feeling than preserving the moments we experience just as we remember them. Our lenses are the windows to your memories and an amplifier for your vision. We capture the times that matter most and we do it with technical knowledge and style. We create a story out of your event.

The crew at Videophotog loves a challenge. After over twenty collected years in broadcast TV you can say we’ve seen many diverse productions and amazing venues. As technology rapidly changes, so do our capabilities. Our interest and investments into different equipment and techniques keeps us ahead of the curve when you’re trying to get “that shot”. Covering extreme sports in unforgiving environments and working countless live events has taught us how to make every second count, and extend all of our knowledge and resources thus making every production a success.

As, athletes become bolder, racers get faster and records are broken, we are pushing ourselves to surpass the standard. We are able to adapt to new situations that require unique solutions. Just as competitors train to better themselves we are constantly pushing new boundaries.

Our travels worldwide allow us to work along side some of the most amazing talent in the industry and the alliance with these people become the best asset any production group can offer to their clients. Our passion to be the best doing what we love to do makes our work or “job” our hobby we get paid for.